Person Centred Software is the only company that has stood by us through this pandemic. It truly is a company that cares.
Crabtree Care Homes

Driving Outstanding Care

Driving Outstanding Care

Driving Outstanding Care

Coronavirus-specific features

We are really pleased to be able to support care providers through these unprecedented times with our new coronavirus-specific features in Mobile Care Monitoring.

Coronavirus Action Icon

The ability to record symptoms from the Care App

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Coronavirus Reporting

Shows the organisation a summary of staff and residents and their coronavirus status

Additional Precautions Required

When a resident has been flagged with an infectious disease an icon appears on their profile showing carers that additional precautions are required

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Enterprise Help

Enabling organisations to communicate to users more easily, for instance policies and coronavirus status

Staff Coronavirus Audit

A form to record symptoms and show working status

Relatives Gateway

To enable relatives to stay in contact with loved ones. Free Relatives Gateway platform allowing secure sharing of messages, photos and video link between residents and their families

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Track and Trace Report

Plan responses and protect residents by seeing which staff they’ve had contact with, when symptoms were recorded, and trace staff that have worked together

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Carer App

Our Care App saves each carer one hour per shift which is critical at a time when staff absence and agency usage are on the increase

Be better prepared for the future by utilising agile technology that has been tried and tested throughout the pandemic. 94% of our customers are finding the coronavirus-specific features beneficial to help protect the elderly and vulnerable

Crabtree Care Homes in West Yorkshire describes how our Mobile Care Monitoring system’s new features helped to prevent the spread of the virus and aided in the group’s swift recovery and increase in occupancy.

“Initially, the official symptoms released by the NHS did not include the different signs and symptoms in the elderly. Many of our residents who contracted coronavirus, for instance, said that they had pain in their legs. We discovered that this first sign was due to restricted breathing, so without accurate recording using the system, we would have missed three days of symptoms in our residents.

“If you want to protect residents and prove your service’s quality of care to adult protection, CQC, and other external bodies, you’ve got to be recording at the point of care. Using technology is the only way that this is possible.”

Now is the time to go digital

During a recent webinar, Sue Howard, Deputy Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care at CQC, said: “Our guidance to staff is really clear; we are in a digital age. It is absolutely right and proper that care providers are using innovative, digital ways to improve their services.”

With technology currently being the largest contributor to innovation in the UK, we want to ensure everyone in care has the best chance to fight through this pandemic, and technology is going to play a key role in achieving that.